WTS Nyx Sitter 12M SP

(Arius Harpoffe) #1

Im for sale.

Positive Wallet
Neutral/Positive Standings
All CCP rules apply
This Auction can be cancelled at any time

Starting Bid - 10 BIL

B/O - 15

Nyx sitter


Thank You.

(InsaneBlazer) #2

Hi, I’d like to offer 12.5b. Isk is ready can send you any time!

(bontanca) #3

15 bil b/o

(InsaneBlazer) #4

15.5b b/o

(bontanca) #5


(Arius Harpoffe) #6

Accepted - InsaneBlazer - 15.5Bil
Will transfer when funds are recieved.

Thank You!

(InsaneBlazer) #7

Since the last guy aborted, my initial offer of 12.5b stands. 15.5b is a bit overpriced anyway. Let me know if thats ok with you.

(Baskerville Conan) #8

13.5B isk ready

(Arius Harpoffe) #9

Accepted - Baskerville Conan - 13.5B
Will transfer when funds are recieved.

Thank You!

(Baskerville Conan) #10

Account name and 13.5 B isk sent

(Admiral Zycrus) #11

is this still available

(Baskerville Conan) #12

Character received and appreciate the speed. Sorry for my slow reply.

(Kouhaku) #13

Would you like to sell this toon to me? :slight_smile:

(system) #14

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