WTS Officer and Abyssal stuff (66% web etc.)

Officer stuff; I’ll sell less than Jita :slight_smile:

  • Zorya’s Heavy Entropic Disintegrator
  • Brokara’s Modified Power Diagnostic System
  • Vepas’ Modified Multispectral ECM x2
  • Unit D-34343’s Modified Damage Control
  • Vepas’ Modified Co-Processor

Abyssal stuff (also see James Franco on contracts for alot more)

Hey James, nice to see you’ve joined the game. Loved your work in The Disaster Artist, I think you should try and get your brother an eve account as well, I think he’d be great in Brave. You may not remember me, but we were in the same Art Appreciation class at uni several years ago. I was the guy who ran out of thr class screaming “■■■■■■■ Concorded again?!” mid-semester. Anywho, if you can spare a discount for an old college buddy, PM me.


Haha, well, I do want to sell this stuff and would give discounts for sure. Just offer what you think and then I can only say no worst case :wink:

Bump :sun_with_face:

Plz purchase

Bump :sun_with_face:

Bump :sunflower:

Bump :slight_smile:

Bump :mask:

Plz Buy

Web price?

No idea tbh, because it’s a red mod :mask:

Try appraisal on mutaplasmids site

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