[WTS] Officer Modules (Faction Titan/High Meta)



Bump, still considering trades, if fair.

U have a draclira explo therm membrane?

I’ve got all but the explosive.

Sadly i only need this 2 :frowning:

Stock updated.


Can I send me a list with prices?

You’re welcome to mail me offers and we’ll start there.

What this drac passive mods? Cant see from that pic

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Yes, list would be easier than pics

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Would be harder than reading the first post :joy:

The first post is a picture with mod names cut off. Or am I missing something. I understand they are a set but it would be easier to navigate. Up to you though.

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if you need the complete module name for any of these I don’t think you have the need for them. thanks for the bumps.




I’ll buy all 4 Drac active hardeners for 8bil, let me know.

No thank you, I’ll do 10.5bn.