--WTS Orca fleet boosting 5.2m SP--

I am selling this toon
5.2mill SP
fleet booster
t2 mining drones
currently training reprocessing skills


starting bid 5 bill
buyout 7 bill or highest bid after a week

Positive wallet
npc corp
parked in jita
no kill rights
i will pay transfer fees (20 bucks omg ccp robbery)

5 bill

first bid of 5 bill
auction ends on Saturday


Pipoxoid Ikkala
congrats the auction is over and you are the winner

i am ready to start the transfer once isk and details have been sent

ISK and details on account sent.

ISK and info has been received

Sent as of right now

Will be completed after: 11/10/2018 12:19:29 PM

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