WTS Orca Miner / Exhumer 9.2m, not waste And nice name


Is in high sec, positive wallet, no killing rights. and have a clone of +4 already

This is a repost of a toon i put some days ago, and one people ask me for remove points to be 9.2m points, done.

  • Exhumer IV
  • Mining drone specialization IV
  • cybernetic V.
  • Nice name
  • Created in 2008.

Because i see other similar sold ate 6.2m, i am asking that, because 8 extractors, useful, and have +5 implants already.

If interested answer the thread, dont seeking eve mail

Today bump


As the thread say, 6.2b

Will pay 6.3B but will complete tom. afk atm.

Understand, the thread will be open if nobody purchase him

Thanks. Fair…

Hi, ready for deal.

Yes sorry for delay. which account should I send isk?

Sent to cooper94, an a eve mail telling the account name to send. (are the same owner)

Isk sent. Account to same owner. thanks for patience.

Isk reeived.

You tell me the name of tour character

You need sent an email with the LOGIN of the acoutn you want the character.

I try to tranfer to harryhunter and get the response “Target user not found or not active”

Transfer of cooper94 done.

Cooper94 received. Great transfer thanks.

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