WTS perfect ark pilot


  • Amarr Freighter V

  • Jump Drive Calibration V

  • Jump Drive Operation V

  • Jump Fuel Conservation V

  • Evasive Maneuvering V

  • Ark Level 5 Mastery certificate

  • Full +5 Implant set

  • Positive Wallet

  • -0.25 Security Status

  • Located in Ashab

  • No Killrights or Jumpclones

  • No kills or loses

  • No Remap Available

Starting bid 9B
Buyout 15B

All CCP rules apply
I pay transfer fee

10b rdy now

10.5B isk Ready

11 bil

11,5 bil

12 bil

Highest bid when i get home from work (08:30am eve time) i’ll accept

12.5 bill

12.6 bil

12.7 bill

12.8 b

12.9 bill

13.0 bil

13.1 bill

13.2 b

13.3 bill

13.5 b

13.6 bill

It’s all yours mate. Max value to me was 12.5 b. It’s miasing JF V / CPU V / Cyno 4 / Armor skills so it’s not really a perfect ark pilot.

sonichaze send isk and account name.

p.s why would you need cpu V/ Cyno IV and armor skills for an ark pilot?