WTS perfect nag and decent rag toon 50m sp


Looking for 55b

Edit highlights

AC spec 5
Min dread 5
Titan and DD at 4
Cyber 5
All gunnery support 5 (except for the capacitor one)

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Got positive wallet no killrights and all the other stuff

Do not DM this toon will not answer

Will drop corp asap

Autz bump

ya bump

52B offer

i cancel


53B offer

54b offer

done deal, send the isk to the toon and will initiate transfer!

I’ll contact you in the game

Are you playing games now?

ill login on mad vemane in a sec

convo me on either toon

  • I’m contacting you in the game

isk and account info sent,plz check

initiated transfer

May I ask how you transferred it

you can only transfer by cash now…

Thank you. Then I am waiting for the confirmation email