SOLD WTS 7.5m subcap pilot

Selling toon!

Can fly leshak.

Can also fly quite a few subcaps of other races.

2 remaps available.

150k in unused sp.

how much offer?

i was hoping for around 7b

sorry!not worth

Am taking offers

Bump. Taking offers

I will offer 5B. Let me know

getting closer! looking for a little bit more my friend. thank you

will u take 6B

Yes I will take 6b. That’s fair. Send isk and account details and i will start asap

send isk to who

Can send to Max amazing

ok will do know. I have to goto work soon. How long will this take to transfer

I believe it takes 10 hours once started. I am home currently so could start it within 15 mins

ok logging on

I have and alpha can I just use that account to send you isk. I will PM you in game

Yes just send the isk and a mail withtthe account info you need me to send it to

i just shot you a PM

one moment i will log into the toon

I am on the toon. Please try to convo/mail again