WTS 107M Super Pilot

Located in Empire
Positive wallet
All CCP rules apply

Key highlights:

2006 Pilot
All 4 Carrier books injected and trained to 1-3
Fighters V
Fighter Hanger Managment V
Great gunner skills if you want to use this as a new main!
Remap available with 2 Bonus Remaps
High-Grade Slave pod and Mid-Grade Slave pod (Both in highsec)

Skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Excaliba

Start 90b
Buyout Hidden

90B ready

95 bil

96 Bil

Forgot to add duration of auction let’s say Sunday

Will also add a buyout 110b

Daily bump xD

Transfer will be by credit card not isk transfer

Daily Bump Grab yourself a great toon

i’ll go 100b. available for a couple of hours to transfer isk etc

I will accept the 100b as buyout

Send isk and account info in game when your ready please

isk and account details sent. please confirm when transfer has been initiated

Target User Already involved in Character Transfer

i guessing u cant transfer onto the account if your transfering another toon off etc

do you have another account to transfer to

ah my apologies. Sent another account name in game

ok toon is on route

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