WTS 107M Super Pilot

(Excaliba) #1

Located in Empire
Positive wallet
All CCP rules apply

Key highlights:

2006 Pilot
All 4 Carrier books injected and trained to 1-3
Fighters V
Fighter Hanger Managment V
Great gunner skills if you want to use this as a new main!
Remap available with 2 Bonus Remaps
High-Grade Slave pod and Mid-Grade Slave pod (Both in highsec)

Skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Excaliba

Start 90b
Buyout Hidden

(Sheldon d'Albion) #2

90B ready

(Maizie Fields) #3

95 bil

(Sheldon d'Albion) #4

96 Bil

(Excaliba) #5

Forgot to add duration of auction let’s say Sunday

Will also add a buyout 110b

(Excaliba) #6

Daily bump xD

Transfer will be by credit card not isk transfer

(Excaliba) #7

Daily Bump Grab yourself a great toon

(Steeley Po) #8

i’ll go 100b. available for a couple of hours to transfer isk etc

(Excaliba) #9

I will accept the 100b as buyout

Send isk and account info in game when your ready please

(Steeley Po) #10

isk and account details sent. please confirm when transfer has been initiated

(Excaliba) #11

Target User Already involved in Character Transfer

i guessing u cant transfer onto the account if your transfering another toon off etc

(Excaliba) #12

do you have another account to transfer to

(Steeley Po) #13

ah my apologies. Sent another account name in game

(Excaliba) #14

ok toon is on route