WTS Perfect Nyx Pilot, 62.9M SP (also Hel/Aeon)

(LuciFluff) #1

pw: 1234

Perfect Nyx character, literally nothing you’ll need to train for anything you want to use it for. All it needs to fly a Hel, or Aeon is Carrier 5 (all three already injected). Also flies interceptors.

Includes full HG Slaves and HG Ascendancies (18% ws not Omega) with hardwirings, in Aunenen NPC station and Jita, respectively. Has a decent killboard too (#13 Aeon).

Positive sec status.
No killrights.
Positive wallet.
Yearly remap available, no bonus.
580k unallocated SP.
In an empty clone currently in Rakapas lowsec.

Purity, Cold Iron, and Sarum skins for Aeon, Exoplanets, Glacial Drift, and Intaki Syndicate for Nyx.

Bids starting 54B, minimum 2B increments.

Note: only just dropped to NPC, so if it appears not to be anywhere it’s just delayed.

(PingingNoonga) #2

56B is my offer

(noober dogger) #3


(LuciFluff) #4


(Titan Fires) #5

60 Billion ISK right here

(noober dogger) #6

62 b/o

(PingingNoonga) #7

64B is my final offer

(SatanekSs) #8

71B i offer contact in game plis o/

(noober dogger) #9

68 b/o, contact me in game asap

(LuciFluff) #10


(LuciFluff) #11


(LuciFluff) #12

bump, heard from 71B bidder so that’s highest currently

(noober dogger) #13

72b b/o, contacted u ingame

(LuciFluff) #14


(PingingNoonga) #15

still available?

(LuciFluff) #16

Waiting to hear from @SatanekSs 71B offer, which I accepted, but isk and acc not yet taken so happy to take additional bids until then.