WTS Perfect Paladin Focus, Almost Revelation


All rules apply; npc corp, I pay transfer, etc.

  • 5+ standings, level 4 ready!
  • Positive sec status
  • Zero waste, perfect focus

Offers here or by mail.

7.5bil buy offer

8.0 bil

Daily bump.

offer retracted

I love it when people put “Perfect Whatever” on their description and forget the basic fitting skills. Like oh I don’t know… armor skills?

It’s not perfect, by any means. That’s more of an ass in seat than anything else.

You guys are overbidding.

The skills are very close to perfect, the description reads ‘perfect focus’, which implies there is zero waste. Whether you like it or not, this character is close to perfect in terms of skills and has absolutely no wasted skills. If you believe the price is too high, you are welcome to purchase another character. But wait, perfectly focused marauders that can easily be trained into dreads are extremely rare.

So please, keep your price discussion comments out of my thread.




If it can operate Revelation I will pay 8.5B

9.5 bil


11 bil


I’ll accept 14. I’ll have to make a ticket to ask CCP to use plex for the transfer, so I assume it may take a few hours to get the transfer started, is that ok for you?

yea will me on like 30 mins

ISK sent an account sent

ISK and account name received. Transfer should start as soon as CCP replies to the ticket. Will update you as soon as possible.

CCP has not replied yet - will let you know when they do.