WTS Phoenix BPO 10/14

As the title says looking to sell a phoenix BPO 10/14. Feel free to make offers

5b for the firebird bpo

thank you for your bid. If there are no other offers in 48 hours its yours

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Did I win this shiny Pokemon card?

@Cee-E-O yes my apologies for letting this thread die a bit lol. I did realize I made a mistake, it is actually at 10/14 I thought it was a 10/16. Do you still want it?

I’ll give ya 4.5 for it then? Contract it to me and I shall accept it tonight brother.

Check ingame mail pls

@Cee-E-O , Stoshkus did ask a question within the auction time frame that I was late on answering. Admittedly I should have auctioned this off on a non holiday weekend since I have had extended work hours and could not check mail / forum regularly. I am going to extend this 24 hours now that I have answered his question. Hard close will be 23:00 tomorrow (24 hours). You are currently highest bidder at 4.5b, I just want to be fair to everyone that expressed interest in it. That being said the only bids that will be accepted to keep it fair are from @Cee-E-O and @Stoshkus_S

Alright buddy

@Stoshkus_S placed a bid via eve mail for 5b ISK. Since it is limited time left on the auction and its just between you two, please post all bids on forum to keep it fair.

Bid confirmed

I widraw from this mighty auction then. Well played sir!

@Cee-E-O @Stoshkus_S thank you both for the bids. Contract is up.

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Ty, will accept later today

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