WTS pilot 53.1m SP

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Ramona PW: txoleg321
Good Sec Status
NPC Corp
Parked in Jita
Zero Wallet
Remap available
No Implants
Kill rights: none
2 clones - Jita\Amarr
repaints for the ships
logistic cruise all 5
drones\all guns mid T2\missile\paladin\ and another

starting bid is 40 bil

Please have Ramona confirm that she is for sale by posting in this thread.

I’ll bid 41 billion for her…

ok \ if you are ready to buy I close the transaction
on this character 7th November the transaction is made
send the account

confirming i am for sale

you need to log in with Ramona and confirm with that character

Edit: Please check in-game mail and contact support to assist you with the transfer.

I confirm

Confirming the purchase; assistance from Support appears to be under way. The ISK and account information has been sent to Ramona.

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