WTS pre 2010 Toons

(pulableaga) #1

only in npc corporations, low skill points. 3xremaps, waiting for offers, buyer pays character transfer!

(Tatyana Howell) #2

Buyers never pay for transfers.

(Dark Genie) #3

Buyers never pay for transfers.

(Angaia Lumiya) #4

3 Bil for Razbunator, and you pay the transfer.

(Nerdz Rool) #5

You are missing vital information in your post. Information needed to be allowed to sell your toons. Also all of your toons must confirm in this thread that they are indeed for sale.

(pulableaga) #6

NVM, topic can be closed, I’m not willing to pay 20 euros to sell a char with 3bil. With 20 euro I can buy plexes worth 4bil isk… thanks but no thanks.
Crazy rule with seller pays the transfer… if someone wants to buy a char should also pay for the fee. it is the only healthy logic…

(system) #7

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