WTS Precursor Ship BPCs and Veles gun BPCs

I have a decently sized collection of precursor BPs that I have farmed, looking to sell them. All located in Jita 4-4.

I have:
Drekavacs Sold
21 Leshak 25 mil each or all for 500m
24 Rodiva 3 mil each or all for 65m
23 Vedmak 23 mil each or all for 500m
Kikimoras sold
Damavik sold
6 Veles Heavy BPC 45 mil each or all for 250m
4 Veles Light BPC 50 mil each or all for 190m
Veles Supratidal sold

For everything: 1470m

I also have a ton of the other BPCs that drop from abyssal space (too many to list here, 974 total), but if you are interested please ask!

Any questions or offers feel free to message me.

Can you send me a complete list ingame?

I’ll give you 2.5b for all the Kikimora and Drekavac bpcs

Sure, I’ll sell that. Contract to this toon or another?

Remaining BP list updated

this one please, thanks

Contract up, pleasure doing business

accepted, tysir

I’m interested in the Damavik BPCs, I’ll give 156mil for all 39.

Accepted, TY!

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