WTS Prefect T2 Rorq/JF Ark Pilot

(chevjumper) #1


Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Drive Operation V
Cybernetics V
+5 Implants
2 bounds remap

start at 20B

B/O 23B

(Raven Cuervo) #2

good looking toon, will offer 12b to start you, not really perfect but im interested

(Therabbit Issier) #4

20b isk ready

(Brann Skye) #6


(Therabbit Issier) #7


(DWO) #8

B/0 22bil

(Brann Skye) #9


(chevjumper) #12

22.5 B isk and its yours

(Russkiy 3akat) #13

retract bid

(system) #14

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