WTS/Price Check 5M SP Fleet Support

New to this process. What’s this character worth?
Cool name
Clean corp history
clean KB
Over 5M SP most into fleet support
wallet: 5,653,993
no kill rights
2 remaps
no jump clones
currently in high sec in space

Check check


3b b/o

cool sounds good. Now what?

I’ll send isk and account to you in game then you can start the transfer once received,

ISK and account info was sent. Waiting on confirmation of transfer

you there? sent the ISK over 24 hours ago

Just refunded you. I didn’t realize it was going to cost $20. I can’t afford to do it.

Does anyone know if it’s possible that the buyer pays the transfer fee as I’d still be open to selling

Rules say the seller/owner must pay the fee.

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