WTS Proper Alt ---21 mil SP Pilot/ Recon / Covert Cyno etc

(Floricel Florina) #1

Hello. I am for sale.


I can fly:


–Stealth Bomber / Covert Cyno


–Covert Ops.

–Astero / Stratios

–Very good prober

I have very good planetology skills. Can run relics very good.

Have a full scanning clone that is worth 1 bil.

Positive wallet. Npc corp and located in high sec.

All CCP rules apply.

Starting from 10 bil.


(Cor'El Dahken) #2


(Floricel Florina) #3

Thanks for bid. Looking for bit more.

(Floricel Florina) #4

Auction still open

(Floricel Florina) #5

Auction closed. Char is no longer for sale.