[WTS] Prototype Cloak BPO's 10/20 (60x)

Hi All,

Selling 10/20 Cloak BPO’s (61x)

Buy 1 - 245m
Buy 10 2,25b

Location - 3 jumps from Jita

Post here or mail

Selling these on contracts for a while, want to move a bit faster!

Bulk deal availible!

Sold some stock on contracts for more than advertised prices! Thanks for buying!

To the top!

Bulk deals availible!

From back in the day, when you needed a lot of Cloak BPO’s!

And one large control towers with a dozen labs

Or you had 3 of those

And now your task is clearing the hangar floor

With A Shovel

Updated Stock, got some room at my file cabinet now

You want some blue wallpaper?

Wraps for Your take-out!

Cool Blue giftwraps!

You need blue Origami papers

You always wanted blue paper maché

Blue notebook starter kit

Next step in Your invention, starts here

Blue DIY manuals!