WTS Providence Pilot

(Kiro Doshu) #1

Eveboard may take a little bit to update, hes currently at 5m sp not 6m


Positive Wallet, Standings for all HS space.

4.5b b/o

I’ve already opened a GM ticket, and will be transferring with Plex. This does however add a delay of the GM responding to my Ticket once the deal is finalized.

(Terry crow) #2

3.5B :grinning:

(Kiro Doshu) #3

Thanks for the offer! I’d like a little bit more out of this ol boy.

(Kiro Doshu) #4

Bump today

(Harold Crane) #5

4B b/o Maybe? :slight_smile:

(Kiro Doshu) #6

I’ll accept that, make sure you’re aware I’m using the plex transfer method with a GMs help, so the start of the transfer won’t be instant once isk is received.

(Harold Crane) #7

Money has been transferred to Vince Reaper for this account as well as the money for Vince reaper. Accountname has been sent.

(Kiro Doshu) #8

isk received, 100m refunded as you overpaid. WIll mail you a screenshot of teh GM ticket showing we are waiting on them