WTS Providence Pilot

Eveboard may take a little bit to update, hes currently at 5m sp not 6m


Positive Wallet, Standings for all HS space.

4.5b b/o

I’ve already opened a GM ticket, and will be transferring with Plex. This does however add a delay of the GM responding to my Ticket once the deal is finalized.

3.5B :grinning:

Thanks for the offer! I’d like a little bit more out of this ol boy.

Bump today

4B b/o Maybe? :slight_smile:

I’ll accept that, make sure you’re aware I’m using the plex transfer method with a GMs help, so the start of the transfer won’t be instant once isk is received.

Money has been transferred to Vince Reaper for this account as well as the money for Vince reaper. Accountname has been sent.

isk received, 100m refunded as you overpaid. WIll mail you a screenshot of teh GM ticket showing we are waiting on them