WTS Pure Tackle Pilot - (7M SP)

WTS Tackle Pilot

Tailored specifically for tackle, no wasted SP.

Flies ALL THREE tackle tiers for Minmatar! – Interceptor, Interdictor, and Heavy Interdictor.

With excellent supporting skills
Weapons - Tech 2
Agility - (Evasive Maneuvering, Acceleration control, etc.)
Tackle - (Propulsion Jamming, Signature Analysis, etc.)
Tank - (Shield Management, Tactical Shield Manipulation, etc.)
Thermodynamics - IV
Nanite Interfacing - IV

1 Clone w/ +3 Implants in all five attributes in High Sec

No Kill Rights
Pos Wallet

6.5B Reserve
9.5B Buyout

Eve Skill Board

6.5bill first and final

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Clock Started - Biding Closes in 24hrs

Daily Bump - Bidding ends in 12 hrs

Rebidding this toon, same reserve/buyout.
24 hour bid clock starts after first bid and ends if Buyout is hit.

6.5bil bid

7bil bid

7.8bil bid

8.5bil bid

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