WTS: Purples (Webs, Membranes, rechargers)

Gotan’s Web - Starting at 18b SOLD for 19.75b via auction
Chelm’s Memebranes EM/Thermal/Kin/Exp set -20b SOLD
Brokara’s Cap Rechargers x5 - Starting at 5.5b

All up on auction

Bump more added

Memebrames. I don’t know if that’s a typo or not but it’s genius

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Bump, memebrains sold,

I have out of courtesy removed my post.

Stay petty.

20b for a membrane set is a pretty fair price though… I saw someone sell one for 30 recently

Its already sold

Serenity - Let this be a teachable moment. Transparency and honesty has got me more isk, more return customers, and helped me establish market relationships. Its been for more profitable then trying to use slight of hand or scams.

Also keep in mind that most of who peruse the sale threads are buyers to sell in game, not buyers to keep the product. So that means you get to see the same names over and over again. I might not be a favorite for my competition but at the very least they know what I am all about. I’m sorry, but you attempted to scam the wrong person.

Now some short term advice to help you out. - Try to sell your stuff in game, you will make more isk and get it sold faster then on these forums. Then, next time you post, use a different character. The best thing that can happen for you is ISD actually takes down your post in my thread, so I won’t report it.

EDIT: You even posted, asking if scamming was ok


Thanks for the gotans. Meh roll turned out okay I guess.

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I’m 100% happy to honor a return at full price!!

Rechargers back. Just to clarify its 5 for the price of jita split per x 5


Have cap chargers still

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