WTS PvP Starter 12,4m SP Born 2005 Exhumer HAC dec. Corp History NEW 11b BuyOut *ONLINE*

WTS PvP Starter 12,4m SP Born 2005 Exhumer HAC

This char is an PvP stasrter born 2005 , he has some Weapon Skills in starter range. He
can fly Exhumer ( Hulk ) and perfect Ice Harvesting. He had Skills for Covert Ops with Cloak,
he can clokaed warping. He also has Hac Skills and Assault Friggs. So all in one an PvP Starter
from 2005. He can Planetary Interaction on LvL 4. With decent Corp history since 2005

Here the link for the skills:


Here some specials:

Heavy Assault Cruiser 4
Minmatar Frig 5
Minmatar Battleship 3
Minmatar Cruiser 3
Minmatar Destroyer 3
Minmatar Battle Cruiser 3
Mining Barge 5
Exhumer 4
Covert Ops 3
Interceptor 3
Assault Frigates 4
Cyno 3
Ice Harvest 5
cloaking 4
Planetary 5

Skins specials:

- Capsule - Genolution Upwell “Aural” 197-variant
- Capsuler Eluite XV ( Apotheosis , Gnosis , Praxis , Sunesis )

Next Remap 4/2019
3 Bonus Remaps
No Kill rights !
Security Status @ +0,9

I confirm, me is for sale.

All ccp rules accecpted, Char is in NPC Corp and has pos. Wallet. Located in Highsec.

i pay transfer to your account.

Just make me offers if you are intrested in buying her.

Minimal Bid: 10b
Buyout: 11b Buyout ( Born 2005 is really cool )
Duration: Round about an week

9 bil

thx for bid

hi there… i prefer an buyout of 14b ( the date of birth is it worth )

so first comes, first draws

2005 is not worth too much. my bid stands 24 hours

ok i lower it to 12b …my last offer always worth it

bumb to top

im online for talks if needed… make me offers

Ill go 9.5 bill right now…im online

10b for 24hrs

1b more and it goes to a new owner… im intrested in an fast sale



im online a few hours for an fast transfer is needed

bumb to the top… 1b more and it goes to new owner…who wants him?

11b buyout for an 2005 12,4m SP char…

bumb up

how long this carr needs to fly an bhaalgorn? can u check that for me im very interested.

3 day 13 hrs to fly it


thanks for the fast response, u transfer via plex or via money?

money, so fast

okay lets do it, offer 11B for this solid HAC toon, let me know if u accept

accepted for 11b buout…

send account info per mail and isk… then i start the transfer

Isk and Account Info sent.

Isk and Acc infos recieved, confirmed.

Char transfer started

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

You have chosen to transfer the character Endangered to the account named xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.