WTS Ragnarok/Erebus + dreads

Rag is in Gademam 155b
2x Zirnitra in Maila 7.5b each
2x Nag Fleets in Olfeim 5.5b each
Revenant in Molden Heath 250b

Is there a specific location?

Rag is in Gademam, Erebus is in Irmalin

140 Bil Erebus offer

142 bil

Bus is gone, only Rag left

152b for rag

bump added some dreads

i take the Nag fleet
offer 5.5b for the Moros Navy
coontract to me ingame

nag fleet in bosberger is sold. only ones left are 2x in olfeim

added a revenant in Moldeon Heath

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