Wts raiju / lolelap

300b lolju
350b lolelap
isk only no trade

lmao mining gas 10h a day

who can afford these prices? like lol you buy a 350 B ship and still have money? DAYUM that’s goals

stop being poor top kek dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

no poor allowed ty

200b offer for laelaps

casse toi sale clochard

allez les tocards on achète son AT ship

ferme ta gueule t’as pas d’argent

ton QI est tellement bas que tu comprends même pas pourquoi c’est un lolelaps, tu fais objectivement pitié, maintenant casse toi de mon thread j’ai des trillions à rentrer

1 raiju sold, 1 left, price adjusted to 300b for the remaining one

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bump, ignore french dumbo

Please keep it to English only in the main sections of the forums.

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CCP’s trying to stop that but they are like 15 years too late

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bumperino into feeding no value

ouga bouga

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