WTS Raitaru with Rigs in Juf

Hello i want to sell 2 Stations in Jufvite one of them is a Raitaru Engineering Complex which i fitted with Rigs.
The Station has the following equipment:

M-Set ME Research Accelerator (-20% on BP Research)
M-Set Basic Medium Ship Manufacturing Material Eff. I (2% Meterial reduction for M-Sized Ships)
M.Set Basic Large Manufacturing Material Eff. I (2% Material reduction for L-Sized Ships)

Service Modules:
Research Lab I
Manufacturing Plant I
Invention Lab I

Signal Amplifier
Focused Warp Disruptor
Stasis Webifier II
2x Heavy Energy Neutralizer
Multirole Missile Launcher II

Send me an Ingame Mail if you have an offer. (Est Val: 2.5 Bil)

Usual Bumpi

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