WTS Rare 2008 PVP orientated toon

Price: No idea, missing 3rd app for calculating approximate ISK worth.

Offer canceled in favor of faye bebop

@Averna you should just sell it to Monti Xonicstar if he is really offering 200 billions for it. this char is not even worth anything close to 200 billions. if he’s welling to buy it at that price, sell it fast before he changes his mind. unless he is your alt trying to shell bid :smile: you know, people buying char on the char bazaar forum aren’t stupid… we can calculate the fair price.

I don’t appreciate being insulted on this forum, so please be my guest and start the “fair” offer bidding for this character

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Cool chat, thanks for your input. Shame you didn’t provide a formula so I could make the calculations myself and remove the post as I’m genuinely seeking it’s current value.

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145B offer



I’ve sent you an in-game mail.

Many thanks!

150 bil

160B offer

170B offer ,very rare char

175B offer

220bil offer

hahaha… and again, he used another alt to do shell bidding in hope that a noob with tons of cash would bid just 1 bil more so he can scam the poor bastard :slight_smile: too bad most people on the char bazaar forum aren’t idiots

man i just wanna point out i am not his alt and yeah after i finally understood how to calculate this i came up to the conclusion the toon is not worth as much as i bidded so i have to thank u for pointing that out for me :slight_smile:

i was referring to @6occ . that is his alt bidding 220bil trying to shell bid the price up.