[WTS] Rare collectors ship. Legacy Large Tracking rig Ragnarok

I’ve got a Ragnarok with Large Tracking Rigs on it. This is a titan from the pre-2012 era of tracking titans and dreads.

For those who don’t know, before 2012 capital guns had better tracking and didn’t have as big an application penalty to subcaps as they do now. Titans could reliably swat battleship fleets with tracking rigs and computers, same with dreads. Some even used to rat with them. CCP nerfed capital gun tracking and imposed a penalty when applying to subcaps, much to the consternation of some so pretty much all of them were ripped and Trimarks and Extenders were fitted instead. A notable few weren’t, but it wasn’t worth banking on CCP doing another balance pass, so they were destroyed.

I don’t know the full history on this one, sadly, whether it was a POS queen that logged out, or how many kills it had tallied before the nerf.

Wondering if any other collectors would be interested in such a rarity. Private mails are accepted.
Titan is currently located in 1DQ keepstar.

Bumpeth for angelic collar

What price are you looking for?

Faction titan / AT ship level.


I am interested but that price seems very high

Nice ship Nolak! o7

If only Large trimark or shield rigs

Still a bunch left, but not in my hands.


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