WTS Revenant Aunenen or Maila

Thanks for all the replies, but I’m going to have to decline all those made so far on the forums. Still won’t let it go for less than 100, and unfortunately not looking to trade, but thank you for the offer.

100 bill

Just FYI the 95b is an obviously fake bid if you look at the posters info. If you want to pay 100B for this, be my guest but as far as I’m aware there are no real bids above mine at 91B. I’m not going to offer more than that at this point either. Happy bidding.

Sold last night for 105. Thanks all!

No it didn’t you troll

Is it actually sold?

Yes, for 105, can mail proof to anyone that asks. The resellers are the only one’s that are upset because they wanted to make a quick buck off it. This one sold for 105, previous on contracts was 100, don’t let people lowball you if you’re selling one. They’re just trying to turn around and resell it.

isnt it dead now? lol

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