WTS Rorq focused Drifterhus pilot 30m SP


Mining Drone Specialization / Rank 5 / Level: 5
Ice Harvesting Drone Operation / Rank 2 / Level: 5
Anchoring / Rank 3 / Level: 5
Located in high-sec, Death clone in Null

Starting at 22b

I will bid 22b.



Also, can you reply in this thread with the character being sold to confirm ownership ty.

Confirming ownership. Current bid at 22b.

22.5B B/O, isk ready if you want

22.5B going once

Sold for 22.5B

Congrats, I will start transfer when isk is received.

I’m at work, will make transaction at approx. 1200 EVE and edit this post when done.

EDIT: ISK and account details sent to Kimm Davis.

Commencing transfer

Confirming character has been transfered.

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