Wts Rorq Pilot

(Vic Sponge) #1

Want to sell focused Rorq Pilot


Location Perimeter
Wallet Balance 2,718,689
No jump clones
No kill rights

Offers please

Sorry original post shut by the Mods!!!

(Dum spirospero) #2

22bio :slight_smile:

(Phil Bob) #3

24bn B/O

(aydigo) #4


(Phil Bob) #5

27Bn B/O

(Vic Sponge) #6

hi phil bob offer accepted

(Phil Bob) #7

I will sent the account information and isk in few minutes

(Vic Sponge) #8

no probs thanks

(Phil Bob) #9

Account information and isk has been sent, thank you

(Vic Sponge) #10

Character Name: Vic Sponge

Will be completed after: 6/6/2018 6:59:22 AM

ISK received Transfer Initiated


(system) #11

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