Focused Rorq Pilot

Has the skills you would expect from a rorq alt, T2 indy core, PANIC, excavators, etc.

Positive sec status, positive wallet, will be in high sec station.

All CCP rules apply, obviously.


19 bil

23,5b buy out

24 bil b/o


25,5 bil


Will let it run for 24 more hours, unless I get like a 30b b/o.

Current High is 26b

Glad to see my price check was spot on :thumbsupparrot:

24 hours are up I think, Generic Alt 1337 wins with 26b. Feel free to send isk and account name and I’ll start transfer asap.

will transfer the isk and mail you the account in a moment

isk and account sent

Isk received, transfer initiated. Thanks!

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