Focused Rorq Pilot

(EVAC 03) #1

Has the skills you would expect from a rorq alt, T2 indy core, PANIC, excavators, etc.

Positive sec status, positive wallet, will be in high sec station.

All CCP rules apply, obviously.

(Orha Duren) #2


(Wilku Skywalker) #3

19 bil

(Ritabas) #4

23,5b buy out

(Wilku Skywalker) #5

24 bil b/o

(Generic Alt 1337) #6


(Wilku Skywalker) #7

25,5 bil

(Generic Alt 1337) #8


(EVAC 03) #9

Will let it run for 24 more hours, unless I get like a 30b b/o.

Current High is 26b

(Brock Khans) #10

Glad to see my price check was spot on :thumbsupparrot:

(EVAC 03) #12

24 hours are up I think, Generic Alt 1337 wins with 26b. Feel free to send isk and account name and I’ll start transfer asap.

(Generic Alt 1337) #13

will transfer the isk and mail you the account in a moment

(Generic Alt 1337) #14

isk and account sent

(EVAC 03) #15

Isk received, transfer initiated. Thanks!

(system) #16

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