Please delete

(Cherri Picker) #1

Please delete character not sold

(Apollo Mileghere) #2

18B starting bid

(Arapopoulos) #3

24.5b buyout.

(Apollo Mileghere) #4

25B B/O

(Arapopoulos) #5

25.5b B/O

(Apollo Mileghere) #6

26B B/O

(Arapopoulos) #7

28B B/O

(Captain Bing) #8


(Arapopoulos) #9


(Cherri Picker) #10

Highest bid is 28.5bo currently, if Captain Bing is the highest bidder by 9.00am Uk time (10.5 hours from now) i will accept his offer.

(Cherri Picker) #11

Captain Bing Your Offer has been accepted of 28.5bil.

Please send the isk and once received i will initiate the transfer.

(Cherri Picker) #13

Offer has been withdrawn after being accepted.

Current offer stands at 26bil

(DartVeider) #14

26,5 b

(Cherri Picker) #15

Thank you for your bid, Bidding ends 0900 Monday 29 January. (Unless buyout agreed)

(DartVeider) #16

I’m sorry but I’ve just bought other Rorq’s pilot, so I have to retract my offer…Have a good trade!

(Cherri Picker) #17

Due to highest bidder pulling out, current bid stands at 26bil.

23 hours remaining before current highest bidder wins.

(Cherri Picker) #18

Current buyer fell though. Relisting.

(system) #19

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