WTS Rorqual Industry 48M

Drone V
Industrial Reconfiguration V
Metallurgy V
Tactical Shield Manipulation V
Capital Industrial Ships V

Amarr Frigate V
Amarr Destroyer V
Caldari Cruiser V
Caldari Destroyer V
Gallente Cruiser V
Gallente Frigate V

47.7M Skill and 474,042 Unallocated SP
Located in jita , positive wallet. No kill rights.
start price - 45b


42 billion


45b offer here and now, will you transfer via credit card or plex?
@ NiuBSL XiEin

I am waiting for a higher offer. If there is no higher offer, I will sell it to you in 24 hours.
But only accept isk transactions.

hehe i mean, on which way do you plan to transfer the char. vie support ticket or do you want pay 20$, to transfer the char?


pay 20$

i am online, if you want we cand o that deal now

No problem. You can transfer 45b isk to NiuBSL XiEin
I’ll start the transfer in six hours

Isk and info sent. @NiuBSL_XiEin

I’m working now. I’ll start transfer when I get home

thx, hoping it will be soon :slight_smile:

Transfer start
Will be completed after: 12/13/2019 3:03:43 AM
Please reply me after confirmation

yes thanks! received

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