1h away from Sitting in Rorqual

Highly Focused into Mining and Production

  • Heavy Research Skills up to 6.1m SP
  • Production Skills 3.4m SP
  • Trading Skills 1m SP
  • Good Drone Skills

Industrial Command V
Gallente Industrial V
Mining Barge V
+480k Unallocated SP

No Killrights / Positive Wallet / Jita 4-4

Price: 50b Flat.

for sale

for sale

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for sale

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25B i think is good

Daily dose of bump thanks!

for sale

for sale

26b bid

to the top

29b buyout

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43bil buyout offer stands 12 hours

@Angela_Lupo 45.5b and you got a deal. Ready to transfer :slight_smile:

Okay 45.5 bil is that agreed?


Isk sent and account name to transfer to mailed in-game

isk received transfer started