21.4 mill with 360 k unallocated skillpoints JF/TRADER/BLOCKADE RUNNER

Amazing char now for sale.

Jump cal lvl 5
Jump feul lvl 5
Calradri freighter 5
Jump Freighter lvl 4
Evasive man lvl 5

Accounting lvl 4 soon 5
Broker Relations 5
Cusom Code Expertise 5
Retail 5

Cyber 5

Char in npc corp and have no kill rights + possitive wallet.

Starting at 15 bil
Buyout Suprise me :slight_smile:

11.5b offer





12B offer

thx. minimum not meet yet but we getting there.


Bump! when minium is reached. i will do a 24 h continue on this tread and end it on what ever bid its on.

13b offer


thx for bid. i end auction in 24 h with the highest bid then :slight_smile:

13b offer

there iois already a 15 b offer :slight_smile:

Last bump 6 H left. Current bid 15 Bil

Retracting 15Bill bid.

thx for letting me know. Timers is ended and current bid is 13 bil. when i reach minimum again i will do another 24 h intil i end.

No one’s going to pay more than I do today 13.5B