WTS Rorqual pilot

(Garry Pack) #1

Character name: Garry Pack
Skill points 27,966,635
No Corp
Wallet: 0 ISK
Character In jita4

Begin price: 27 kkk ISK
Offer price: 28,5 kkk ISK

(Aldarich Hemah) #2

message me ingame on GinitoruX please

(First Officer Black) #3

I would like to come to a buyout offer on your char.

(Garry Pack) #4

sales for you

(Aldarich Hemah) #5

Accountinfo and money sent as agreed ingame

(Garry Pack) #6

begin transfer character

(Garry Pack) #7

I have opened a support ticket for PLEX character transfer. Waiting for approval.
The previous time it took about 48 hours. I propose to wait until the work is completed

(system) #8

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