WTS: Rorqual's and other capital ships

(Supplying And Demanding) #1

Selling a few Rorquals in lowsec NPC station around Amarr.

Non rigged. Will be fully fueled.

Also open to bulk deals on any cap orders, fitted or naked.

We do have a kickback scheme in place, where there’s a % ISK kickback monthly based on volume.

Currently on stock for immediate delivery :

2 x Rorqual
1 x Nidhoggur
1 x Naglfar
1 x Thanatos
1 x Revelation

Currently baking :


Order-able :

All Carriers
All Dreads
All FAXes

ingame email for details/inquiries/contracts.

(Supplying And Demanding) #2

still selling and taking orders :slight_smile:

ps. also due to ever increasing volumes of sales, we are looking for bulk suppliers of compressed ore and PI products … eve mail for details

(Supplying And Demanding) #3

updated with stock, get in touch via eve mail :slight_smile:

(Supplying And Demanding) #4

more stock rotation happening, please do get in touch :slight_smile:

(Acki Juc) #5

What do you mean by “on stock ?”

(Tiddle Jr) #6

Means stock on hand.

BTW what the prices are?

(Supplying And Demanding) #7

chat with me ingame or send a email :slight_smile:

depends on quantities i guess and if its on stock or not

(system) #8

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