WTS Saint Zulu Shimaya 10 Mill SP

Character: Saint Zulu Shimaya
Date of Birth 2014-04-16
Amarr / Imperial Academy
Skill points 10,065,188
ISK 3,123.321
Security Status 0.02

This is a VNI / Missile PVP toon

Docked in 4 4 Jita

Evepraiser values the character at Appraisal: 9 Bill

Starting bid: 6 Bill
Buyout: 9 Bill


7b offered

I’m give it 24 hours and if no further bids it’ll go for 7bill

Ill give you 7.2b if you finalize the sale now instead of waiting 24h

ill give you 7.3 bil


Sold to Absolute Truth - slightly early. Once isk is sent I’ll transfer the toon. Thanks

Isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thank you.

ISk received thanks. Waiting for the server to come back up so I can start the character transfer.

Transfer email received. Thanks.

Character received. Thank you.

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