**sold** pending transfer completion


Character has positive wallet balance.
Character has no kill rights.
Character has no jump clones.
Character is in high security space, docked in Jita.
Character has 141,558 SP unallocated.
Character has more than 11 billion in assets via implants and skins according to the character sheet (he has no items of course in keeping with the Bazaar rules)

Level 4 specialist using missile boats.

Has 15 skins, some of them expensive and/or rare (possibly no longer available!), for instance the Golem Raata Sunset, the Osprey Frontier Safeguarder, the Basilisk Frontier Safeguarder.

The SP is efficiently spent with the vast majority of it aimed at running Caldari missile boats as effectively as possible. Aside from the starting skill spread and some quality of life skills such as production related to make his own ammo (BPOs not included).

Considering all the above I would like to set the starting price at 30 billion isk (reduced from 35 billion)

I am open to reasonable buyout offers.

Good day to you pilots!

Edit- reduced starting price

update 04/09/21 1442hrs Auction complete pending transfer completion.

Thanks to everyone for their interest.

Strikeout Shihai 25B

26b offer

27bill isk ready

28b offer

Good morning pilots and bidders, thank you for your opening bids.

I have reduced my desired starting price by 5 billion to 30 billion.

29bill isk ready

update 03/09/21 2049hrs local time

I am off to bed now IRL.

I will be home from work tomorrow around 1400hrs London time (currently evetime +1) highest bid to meet or exceed 30billion will win.

If 30billion is not met or exceeded the auction shall remain live a while longer.

Good night all, see you tomorrow.

30b offer

30.1bill isk ready

30.5b offer

30.6b offer

fine 100m above whatever serious offer this guy gives.

Let’s compete fairly

31b buyout then.

31.6b offer

32 billion

32.5 billion

Kuta Ikimo Shikkoken wins the auction with a bid of 32.5billion.

Please contact me in game with the details for the transfer asap. I will be available until approximately 2100hrs London time (currently 1441hrs for me)

Auction closed pending these details.+

Please check the remittance and start transferring characters