WTS Silver Magnate

As long as you dont update these offers into the thread, i cant know them, so i will still asume 0 ISK as the highest bid.

If you think those where too low, then set a minimum bid.

As you are not satisfied with 200b i am out of the fidding, good luck and fly safe.

Daily Bump.

Still available.

Ridiculous thread.

The unfortunate reality of the internet i am afraid.

you guys clearly haven’t seen this one yet this will change the way you use the word “Ridiculous”

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I don’t understand that thread at all.

Still available.

Available for some unknown price.

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I’ll swap a regular magnate for it? My magnate has not one, not two, but FIVE lowslots. It’s one of the best magnates in the game

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What’s with all the trolling? Let them sell the ship in peace


The seller won’t name a price - they deserve to get trolled.

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Not naming a price is pretty typical for sale posts of rare items. Especially only 9 days after the initial post.

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Trolling is common, too.

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… my point is whether the trolling is warranted. Of course trolling is common on eve forums. But I’m going to exit this conversation here with my remaining brain cells intact.

An option that I, alas, do not have.

If you dont wanna name a price, dont complain about low balls. Thats why AT ships normally name a minimum price.
If you dont know how you want as a absolut minimum, you are trolling yourself and others are free to join the fun.

@Contiguous_Lowsec lets try 35k ISK

This is still available and i welcome legitimate offers.

Help us out, what makes an offer legitimate?

You have seen an offer for 200 billion declined as bellow the expectation, if you were in this thread for any legitimate purpose you would know that this is clearly a baseline and that bids bellow this level are not legitimate.

However as is clear to all you are not in this thread for any legitimate purpose, you are here making off topic and irrelevant posts.