WTS Skill Miner / Orca / Hulk / Prospect - T2 Ore/Ice/Gas

This 8m SP professional miner character is for sale


Can fly the following ships

Expedition Frigates
Orca / Porpoise (Need to buy skill books only - 1 hour)

T2 for Gas, Ore and ICE fits.

As far as Orca is concerned, it’s a T1 fit after you buy the skill books and 1 hour of skill training.

4.5B Buyout, no more, no less.

As a small bonus, the character has one Cal-Navy level 4 security agent on the payroll, if that’s your thing.

In NPC corp , etc…etc…

4.5b b/o. Can transfer isk within 12h when I got home

Deorun Chastot

4.5b b/o. Can transfer isk within 12h when I got home

Fair enough, I’ll hold the character for you for a day…
I’ll check the character for email and this thread for when you transfer ISK and account information.

Best… and happy holidays.

You can also email the character I’m playing daily RASKOS if I miss the mail.

Isk and account info sent.

Now I need to speeed up to work.

That was quick… I’ll start the transfer now and post when done, minus your account info, etc…

Don’t get in a car wreck going to work… :0)

Account transferred to (h**********)
Thanks. Email RASKOS if you have any issues.

She is in a T2 fit Venture in Jita 4/4

Happy New Year.

Email from CCP received.

Thanks for quick work.

Happy new year.

P/s: Still arrive 5 mins before punch in/change shift. Covid make the road less crowded :stuck_out_tongue:

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