WTS Skillfarm with Bio, Cyber V and +5 implants

(Whizzard) #1


Character is parked in Jita 4-4

(Galen Tomte) #2

il start the bid at 4.8b what do u have for a b/o

(Whizzard) #3

5b isk

[WTB] 5m SP characters | Cybernetics V
(Whizzard) #4

still for sale

(Whizzard) #5

still for sale

(Era Romeo) #6

Standings pls

(Whizzard) #7

no noteable standings.

(Josh Shihari) #8

This still for sale?

(mOky Dallocort) #10

If This is still for sale i offer 5 B isk ready ! … let me know if you are still interested here or pm me in-game

(Whizzard) #12

sorry i was travelling. character is still for sale
send isk to whizzard and an eve mail with destination account

positive wallet, sp are 5m+

(mOky Dallocort) #14

ISK + Info Sent

(Whizzard) #15

isk and details received

sent an eve mail with transfer details

(mOky Dallocort) #16

No Received Email to Confirm the Character Transfer Initiation so far …

14 hours Later .. Character not received nor the confirmation Email
(mOky Dallocort) #17

character recieved … thanks

(system) #18

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