WTS Small Weapons Char near DST 7mSP see inside


I am selling myself because the account expire tomorrow and i am two dys of distance of use GALLente industrial V.

  • Cybernetic V with + 5 implants
  • Svipul
  • Minmatar destroyer +5
  • Can use a mining barge
  • Level V of small turret projectle, hybriyd, energy, light missiles, drones etc

Is in high ec, have one kill right (an error, i fire vs a industrial by error ) , is in high sec, positive wallet, positive status (no criminal)

I in high sec, all rules ccp apply.

If interested answer thread, dont read eve mail.

Daily Bump

Thread cancelled.

Reason : need 4 hours to be Gallente Idustrial V but i realize he have Cyber IV and no Vm, and probably need Biomass him monday for free the space.

If anyone interested nswer the thread, but is Cyber IV no V, my fault.

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