WTS[SOLD]: 3m SP 2005 Great name Character - Revampable - NPC Corp


Sorry still wanna buy, I’ll message u in game when I get home from work. Roughly 7 hours from time of this reply

Had no luck reaching you on discord

sent a message in game

@NYcityDiesel hmm I did not receive any requests on discord. Try adding me again, BiiGy#9549

@NYcityDiesel Write me your account name and I will add you.

NYcityDiesel is acct name for discord

just respond to me ingame

I am currently still at work… I tried adding you but i need # and four numbers behind your name on Discord…
You can wait till im online in the evening… Or will try to send you eve mail on my phone.

i’ll be around. I’m off today.
4 bil still the deal?

Yes the deal still stands.

ok I will send isk and acct info to Luka car so you can initiate transfer, ok?

Sure, I will post here when I receive the isk and start the transfer, i can do the transfer in 2hours.

isk sent to Luka car with account info to transfer character to. thank you

ISK and INFO received, I will be home in around an hour and start the transfer - will reply here when it’s starting.

@NYcityDiesel I have initiated the character transfer process. o7

Transfer completed, thank you