[WTS] SP Farm - Cyber 4 3 Remaps. 5.6M SP

(JustGoNow Bloodran) #1


Lots of skills in the board empty.
-0.003 sec status
+4 Ready

B/O 5.5B

(Theo Sotken) #2

Offer 5.0b

(HilsterAUS) #3

5.5 bil b/o

(HilsterAUS) #4

Only catch is I wont have access to PC for another 9 hours - will make it 6 bil flat if you are prepared to wait

(HilsterAUS) #5

Online, ready to rock

(HilsterAUS) #6

Ready to go when you are :grinning:

(JustGoNow Bloodran) #7

Ill be able to transfer in 7 hours. My apologies - Ex called me during my eve time yesterday - had to run.

(HilsterAUS) #8

No problems, just need you to say yes and i’ll transfer the ISK and mail you account details for transfer

(JustGoNow Bloodran) #9

Buyout accepted - please send isk and i will initate transfer at 8:00 Eve time using $USD.

(HilsterAUS) #10

ISK sent, account details provided to enable transfer.


(Gemini Staxx) #11

Transfer Initiated. Enjoy :slight_smile:

(system) #12

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