WTS Start 5M SP Pilot

(Rocket Taredi) #1

Capacitor Management V
CPU Management V
Power Grid Management V
Drones V in a couple of days
a lot of basic skills trained to IV

2 remaps available
Standard implants plugged

Positive isk and sec status.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/element33 / pass: 1234

Starting bid: 3b
Buyout: 3.5b

(SemiMartinov) #2

3 bil

(Rocket Taredi) #3


(Rocket Taredi) #4

update - B/O 3.5B

(Rocket Taredi) #5

@SemiMartinov, i’ll accept your offer. send isk and transfer details

(SemiMartinov) #6

isk and acc info sent

(Rocket Taredi) #7

isk received. account transfer initiated.