WTS - Starter Char


Will offer 3b for this character, ISK can be sent this weekend.

3.1b and able to pay right now. highest im offering.

3.2b for this

Any thought on this offer?
Looking to get this settled today if possible.


Can offer 3.7b

Sry still bit too low

4b is the top i can pay but need sell some plex i have.

Can send in five minutes

I’ll do that, 4b offer accepted. Will begin transfer once char receives the ISK.

Isk and account sent

Ready to transfer, isk has been recived, can you mail/convo or 1isk reason line the char thats for sale the account its going to.


pls delete that post


Starting transfer

Char Transfer in progress, thank you for your interest, I hope you enjoy him.

He go to go a freighter pilot =)

Space Trucker, nice lol

Pilot received.