WTS starter Incursion Logi 5m Sp + 310k unallocated sp

Can fly Level 4 scimitar for TVP incursions
Logi l4
positive wallet and sec status
loc in jita
have some implants for fitting and capacitor
Have 310K unallocated sp for your needs
start bid 4b
B/O 5.5b

I will offer 4b to start

4,1 bill

Daily bump

B/O reduced to 5.5b

I will offer 4.2bn

I will offer 5b

top bidder for now … I will run this auction till next DT. if no new bids then you win

I will be right here waiting for you

5B bid accepted … send isk aand account info pls

ok, rihgt now

Plz check your wallet,thx

Edit: there is already another transfer going on the same account. u have to wait a day or 2 before I can start the transfer of this account .

I can also return u the isk if you would like
thank you

I will continue to wait for your operation

transfer ticket submitted

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