WTS Starting Character - SOLD

Im selling this Character


Positive Wallet
NPC Corp - may be delayed in eveskillboard
No kill rights
1 jump clone
Located in Jita4-4

5 Implants = +3 Attributes

Starting Bid: 4.5 Bill
B/O: 5 Bill

CPU Management V
Capacitator Management IV
Energy Grid Upgrades IV
Power Management IV
Weapon Upgrades IV
Shield Management IV
Shield Upgrades IV
Shield Operation IV
Tactical Shield Operation IV
Drones V
Light Drones V
Gunnery V

I reserve the right to cancel/choose the bids that will benefit me.

I’ll offer 4.5b

Ill be closing the bid in less than 6hrs or lower if no other bid is made.

Ill be taking you on your offer

awaiting acct / funds info.

Still accepting offers?

i’ll bid 5b if the other offer falls through

Okay ill cancel the 4.5 and take your offer.
He had not responded for a while


awaiting acct / funds info.

isk and account info sent

Isk and account info confirmed. Waiting eve support for transfer
Already had filed a ticket

4.5b sent to @Commodore_Kayn …ingame mail sent with my account details.


please send back my 4.5b

A bit of a joke you accept a persons bid and say you are awaiting funds/account info then after that accept another bid. You should compensate the original buyer !

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4.5 Bill Resent to @Boogle_Man

Isk received. thank you.

no prob


Character Transfer is complete confirmed by eve support.

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